The Bridge to Remembrance



The Bridge to Remembrance is written “to you”. Not for you or about you; it is to you. It is intended to awaken awareness and bring to consciousness who you are and what you know.

If you read one paragraph or one page or the entire book at a sitting, allow the experience to take you where it does.

This book is alchemically written to speak to the parts of self that seek to be heard, to be felt and to be known.

When you recognize and acknowledge the questions and the answers that create your experience and define your journey you are on the Bridge to Remembrance.



“By page two I had tears in my eyes because it felt as if you were writing the book to me. I returned to your book and AGAIN the words were written directly for me for my situation ... it was as if the words had shape shifted for that very moment.”
“The words are clear and simple with a profound effect that is comforting and inspiring.”
“This is a book that I want to keep by my side so that I can use it when I do not want to play the game anymore.”
“Reading this book moved my whole body, not just my mind. It made me feel good all over - sheer pleausre. There’s hope.”