“She holds a space that is warm and loving and leads to wonderful discoveries.”
“Although she is a highly trained professional, what makes her so wonderful for me is that her guidance comes from her mind and her heart.”
“Truth is not always easily examined. It requires one to look at the joys as well as the pain of past experiences. Being with a coach that I trust is like having padded guard rails that gently nudge me along in the “inward” direction even in the most painful of quests.”
“I am very happy to have “discovered” Laurie. Her work takes a person deep into the human mind and soul, creating new ways of thinking and new ways of resolving the difficult challenges of life”.
“Laurie keeps me balanced. She channels my questions of self which allows me to change my perceptions. Our journey has led to better choices, to live each day in the present, to listen to what my heart is seeking, to address my fears, to seek the truth, and to value me.”
“She honors authenticity and is discerning and loyal to that intention. Knowing this has taught me so much.”
“She teaches me to take the time to realign, balance and focus; to stop and center for the moment in a hectic spinning world, and gain perspective on issues at hand.”
“In my sessions, I am continually brought back to center. Each time the process becomes a better part of me. I touch my hidden beliefs and choose whether to keep them or let them go.”

”There are people in life that lead by example. Laurie is one of those. Through experiential exploration, she is a problem solver, leading to change, understanding and truth. This is her contribution to the world”.

”Laurie has encouraged me, sometimes entertaining a gentle nudge, to be open to my life. To see what is truly present requires courage. A knowing Soul with amazing listening skills assisting my walk is a blessing we are all worthy of”.