Enneagram Coaching

The Enneagram is a system of nine conditioned states of awareness. Every individual possesses aspects of all nine states and yet at a core level reacts to the external environment from one specific type. Your type is how you learned to “be” in the world.

Your perception of who you are and what you know has been filtered through your specific Enneagram type. Habitual patterns of thought and behavior based upon past experience and external expectations affect every choice you make.


In the discovery of type, you bring these patterns into conscious awareness. Through this awareness you are given the opportunity to move beyond self imposed boundaries and limitations; choosing to live authentically who you are. The journey through the Enneagram is one of Self Discovery. It does not happen by chance. To become who you are meant to be, the journey of a thousand steps begins with one.

“From The Unconscious to Conscious Our world is Transformed”

Intuitive Consulting

Step beyond your self-imposed boundaries. Turn your words into action and desires into reality. Learn to experience living life authentically. You choose the change in your awareness, work, relationships, money, success, joy, health.

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  • Unify Unconscious Motive with Conscious Intent

  • Release Habitual Patterns of Thought and Behavior

  • Develop Authentic Presence

  • Establish Personal Power of Thought

  • Embrace the Paradox of Living in the Present Moment

  • Acknowledge the Potential of the Unknown

  • Engage in the experience of the Physical Body

                         “Live the Ordinary Life in a Non Ordinary Way”


Available by Appointment Only
Individual Session * Group Session * Phone Session

Single Session - $130

Six Session Series - $75/session ($450 total)