Soul Cards


Soul Cards – Keys to Consciousness
Cards for the Sense Organs of the Soul

The Soul’s purpose is the evolution of consciousness. These cards offer a gateway to participate knowingly in this evolutionary journey.

By engaging in self inquiry and self observation through these cards, you unlock unconscious perceptions that have been stored in the sense organs of the Soul.


Perceptions that have created energetic imbalances, false beliefs and inauthentic expectations that have unconsciously encumbered the development of your Soul’s evolution.

Each time you ask a question and draw a card, you are bringing into conscious awareness something that has previously been unknown.

You emerge in time with new thoughts, new feelings and new desires, enhancing your ability to be in the world as an aware, mindful Human Being of Soul and Spirit.

…Contemplate your self and advance the powers of the Soul…


“I found the Soul Cards to be the best, most compact, precise and effective compass in today’s journey of Life”

“The Soul Cards are magical…the words resonate to my Soul and I cannot hide.”

“There is a realignment of energy when you engage with these cards. New awareness becomes possible and you can actually feel it in the body.”