July 2019

The Inner Power to Heal is an Intrinsic Gift given to All; To All who are willing to embody this gift; to those willing to answer the call.

The call from within seeks inner attention and awareness. It requires the receptivity to consciously respond undefended, vulnerable and fearless.

For without this inner awareness, the power to heal becomes unknown. The intrinsic gift is left unused; abandoned, rejected and disowned.

In abandonment this consciousness moves outside of our awareness. The innate ability to heal and know, becomes our confusion and our illness.

We have every right to deny our selves the opportunity to exercise this gift. We do so when we look away and become lost in the fog and the mist.

Lost in the fog we forget who we are; we forget we are Beings who have come from the stars. We are spiritual beings passing through a human experience; multidimensional, inquisitive, transcendent and imperious.

We are here to discover what makes us joyful; to discover the experiences that make us whole. We discover these truths through the healing power; listening to the voice of the Soul.

The power to heal comes through the voice of the Soul and we embrace this gift when we let go of control.

In presence and awareness, we let go of control, embracing the experiences that make us whole. We may not always know the ultimate purpose and intent, but the Soul clearly sees what is intended and what is meant.

What is meant by every confusion, every illness and every challenge. These are the gifts that are offered to heal us; they are the places within out of balance.

The Soul speaks to us in those moments when we feel abandoned, unhealthy and disowned. It is through these experiences that we are offered the gift of understanding that which will bring us home.

Each One has the power to heal every emotion, every feeling, and every thought. To restore well being, we must explore our selves; we must discover what is truth and what is not.

When we knowingly align our energies together, we light upon our spirituality and unity. As we unite in the nature of who we are, we discover the ultimate immunity. To heal is to reclaim, to nurture and to know; to remember who we intrinsically are as we bridge the above and the below.

Laurie Helgeson