March - 2019

What do you see? Is what you see what is real?

Or does your deciding mind tell you what you feel?

The mind was created neither to control nor decide; the mind’s true purpose is to observe and to guide.

To guide each Soul through the experiences that life does provide, bestowing wisdom and understanding; allowing the heart to know and decide.

When the mind is allowed to observe each experience as it unfolds, the heart is set free to clearly see what purpose the experience holds.

This is not a task for the mind; for the mind can be blinded by fear. The fear that creates the need to control; losing sight of what matters for the heart and the Soul.

The mind in control loses sight of what is real; lost in the darkness, unaware of what to feel. The mind that observes can be objective and aware, lending its wisdom with an intent to guide and to share.

When the inner authority of the heart frees the mind to simply observe, our everyday experience fulfills the purpose that it serves.

Free the mind to observe, to see clearly what is real and life becomes the vehicle to experience your Soul’s ideal.

Laurie Helgeson