October 2019

Why do I need to control everything?

Identify the need and you have answered your question, for the need is the compulsion that drives this expression.  The need to control is a reaction based in fear, of what you believe you do not know and about what you are unclear.

This reaction is a habit, based upon a past unwillingness to embrace, an experience that life did present; an experience you were unwilling to face.  In that moment you said never again, will I allow life to happen to me.  I will take control of what may or may not be and make sure that the future happens only as I decree.

The future is the unknown; it is the eternal and the undefined. Until you experience it, it is beyond your understanding.  You cannot know what you will find.

To know the future, you must embrace the moment, for it is the moment that creates what is to be.  What you choose to do in the moment is the most influential key.

 Trust your self to be present to what is, so you may experience what you know and foresee. Intend a future that fulfills your true purpose; use the moments to create reality.

 Understand that life happens for you.  It reveals what is authentic and true. The meaning of life is to answer the question, “what is the meaning for you?”. Life is a condition of being, there is no need to control.  Allow life to move through you; let it in and then let it go.   Free your self from the fear of unknowing and let go of the need to control. You are the One who chooses in the moment; make that your life’s goal.

Laurie Helgeson