January - 2019

A weakness is a strength we have been unwilling to convey; a courage and a fearlessness that we have long hidden away.

A weakness is a signal of something we have forgotten that we know. Something powerful; something authentic; something we are here to bestow.

We hide in our weakness forever hoping no one will see, that we are the one we are waiting for. We hold the master key.

It is our strength, not our weakness that frightens us most of all; for it is our strength that ensures our readiness to answer every call.

Pay attention to your weakness for it is calling you to see, what you need to come to life; to be all that you can be.

You can fear, you can deny, you can distrust and you can doubt; but when you live your life from strength, you will never live without.

You will discover your strength in the places you are weak; for it is there you will uncover precisely what you seek.

Embrace your weakness, as your guide and your teacher, and you will find your every weakness to be your most divine feature.

Laurie Helgeson