June 2018

The Art of Inner Work

To Respond is to consciously and powerfully choose; who you are, how you feel and what you know. To React is to channel an energy from the past; in resistance to an experience long ago.


You are given the opportunity in every encounter, to make this personal choice. The choice to become who you truly are or the choice to continually silence your voice.


There is a moment between reaction and response that beholds this freedom to choose. A space that provides the eyes to see from a completely different view.


To see from the perspective of who you are in this now, frees you from the chains of the past.  To embrace the wisdom your life’s journey has provided; to step in fully as yourself at last.


Of course, this power to choose comes with responsibility and control; as you have been and always will be the only One who could play this role.


You are the One who chooses, whether it is consciously or not. Begin in this moment to make conscious choices, without giving it a second thought.


You are here to live present, conscious and aware; to experience who you truly are. Free yourself from the reactions of the past, as you have outgrown each one by far.


In response you answer every one of life’s questions; living fully your Soul’s potential. Free yourself, be present in the moment; choose accordingly. It is essential!


Laurie Helgeson