May 2018

The Art of Inner Work

Failure is a constant fear that we face each and every day. 

An illusion that has become our greatest nemesis; it is the method that we use to betray.


We betray our selves through expectation and belief that we should be something other than who we are.  Not only is this the highest form of betrayal; it is deceptive, erroneous and bizarre.


For many, failure means to not measure up; to fall short of some external expectation. Yet, the truth in failure lives well beyond this misconception. It resides more in the realm of understanding and truthful perception.


To fail is to be absent, to withdraw, to cease to exist.  This is the truth that failure reveals, the moments when we fail to enlist. To support our selves no matter the cost, no matter the rejection, the disappointment, the fear.  This is the illusion we must come to understand, False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.


When we honor our selves, our authenticity and truth, the possibility to fail does not exist.  We are fully engaged and pledged to our journey, there is no moment in which we are amiss.   


When we are fully connected and offering our self to our every life experience, we are fulfilling our purpose, our Soul’s intention; we are successful, triumphant and imperious.


You can never fail at the work you do, when the work you do is on your self.  This is the source of all true happiness, true joy, abundance and wealth.


Every step you take brings you ever closer to becoming your highest expression.  May this be the day you step beyond the illusion and make this your life’s succession.



Laurie Helgeson