September 2016

Where does One find Balance in this Game we call Life?

The answer is a simple one and it leads to equanimity and freedom from strife.

The answer is a simple one; It Is To Simply Be.

The acceptance of whatever is and the willingness to know and to see.


To take what life offers is our greatest challenge and our greatest feat.

When we are willing to accept life just as it is, we become willing to embrace all that we meet.


In resistance, fear, rejection and doubt, we engage energies that move us from within to without.

The moment we choose these limited states of consciousness, we step away from what is real.

We lose our balance and our sense of knowing; we lose confidence in what we feel.


When we cannot see what it is that life does imply,

we take a step into our habits of mind; lost in the need to defend why.


Conscious Awareness and Presence are the essentials necessary to Be;

to understand, to appreciate, to recognize and to see.


Living in balance asks us to trust and be aware,

that everything we need and desire is exactly what life brings to share.


To live in balance is to be open and receptive to the gifts life does present.

For each moment that we live in this way, is indeed our Soul’s intent!


It is the choice we make in the moment that sets the stage for what is to come.

For this is the way the Universe works.  This is the way it is done.


To Be or Not To Be, You are the One who will choose.

You are the One to live this life. Will you realize or will you refuse?


Laurie Helgeson