October 2016


The voice inside your head thinks you are absent.  The voice inside your head thinks you are dead.

It spins around looking for openings and opportunities; for the ways in which it can be fed.


For you see this voice does not belong to you. It  belongs to the many others.

The Ones to whom you handed your power away, one after another.


It must be fed by energies outside of your authentic Being.

The voice is supported through the habits of mind and

does not align with what you are truly seeing.


When you realize that you are listening to a voice from the outside in,

is the moment you begin to set your self free, to become who you have always been.


Your true nature has laid silent, set aside by the voice within.

In unawareness and lack of knowing that is all there could ever have been.


In the instant you create a space to observe and listen from the inside out,

is the moment you begin to silence the voice and embrace what each moment is truly about.


The voice has been your default; a way to evade your true experience.

Embrace your life with presence and awareness, as this is what makes you imperious.


Take back your authority.  Be willing to know and to see.

For you are the One you came to discover, you are the One you set free.


No longer willing to be absent.  No longer willing to live not alive.

Become the One who observes and feels. Become the One who thrives.


Flourish and succeed, as this is your divine right.

Silence the voice, embrace all that is and step fully into your light.

Laurie Helgeson