November 2016


Our spiritual growth is the Soul’s opportunity,

to come home to itself in wholeness and unity.


In our willingness to experience what is authentic and real,

we open our hearts receptive and unguarded, to everything we feel.


To feel leads you inward, to the sacred person inside.

To the spiritual One who remembers the path; your most trustworthy guide.


You are a spiritual Being, engaging in a human experience;

meeting yourself in moments of wonder and moments that are quite mysterious.


If ever you question why you are here, remember the call from your Soul;

to become and to grow, to experience and to know; this is the spiritual goal.


In every moment, you are given a chance, to flourish, to thrive, to blossom and advance;

to expand your consciousness from unawareness to truth, to grow beyond what you acquired in youth.


You see, this is the point. You must question and investigate;

for until you do you will never know your Soul’s true state.


What is the state of your true happiness? What is the state of your welfare?

You are the only One that possesses the power to answer your Soul’s prayer.


There are many who are eager to tell you exactly the path to take.

But this is the habit you must bring to an end.  This is the habit you must break.


There is no one on this Earth but you who will know the choice to make.

To choose for your self is how you grow; it is how you stay awake.


Make the choice to grow and nurture, to become who you are meant to be.

Your Soul will thank you and those who truly love you will most assuredly all agree!

Laurie Helgeson