March 2017

… Intention gives energy direction…


You are energy; energy follows thought.

Intention gives energy direction.

Whether you believe it or not.


Through intention you consciously direct your will

through purpose, single mindedness and a devotion to fulfill,

your Soul’s desire to experience what shall be.

For every moment serves to set your Soul free.


State your intention; support the process of Life.

Express true willingness to be responsible for all that arrives.


When One consciously expresses intention, in the form of a statement or question,

a doorway is opened that was previously closed; an access to knowing, understanding and progression.


We all seek to know what exists in the Unknown.

Yet, until we ask the question, it remains what we do not own.


                                     Answers can only arrive when we are ready and willing to receive.

You must ask the question to create the space; to envision, inform and perceive.


You cannot hear what you are not ready to ask.  Be clear in each moment. This  is your one, true task.


The willingness to ask the question is the willingness to fund your will.

Direct your energy in alignment with the Soul, to realize your purpose fulfilled.


Set your intention, initiate knowing; for this is the Soul at play.

Hold your space; direct your energy and you will never lose your way.

Laurie Helgeson