January 2017

The Art of Inner Work


When the pain becomes greater than the fear,

we become willing to face what is real.


What is real is what we choose to create;

through what we think, what we do and what we feel.


Pain is the great awakener; a mediator that asks us to see,

the places within that we have compromised and abandoned;

in an illusion to set ourselves free.


Fear is the reason we create untruths and pain is the aftereffect;

the consequence we experience when we sacrifice ourselves, in our need to guard and protect.


To set ourselves free, we must acknowledge how we feel, especially when there is pain involved;

for until we recognize how we deceive ourselves, the dilemma cannot be solved.


Pain is a symptom that comes from our Source, informing us about what is real.

Feel your pain, face your fear and you will truly discover how to heal.


Our instinct is to run and hide from our pain, to do anything to not feel.

Yet these are the ways we imprison ourselves and lose sight of our true ideal.


Be willing to face who you are and what you know; be willing to let in what is real.

You will discover the path to freedom.  Never fear the way you feel.

Laurie Helgeson