February 2017


Who Am I?


Why do you ask? What is it you seek to know?


Once you become clear as to the intention in asking,

what is revealed will become your perpetual unmasking.


To know who you are you must know what you think;

what you feel; what is true and what is real.


This is the path to discover your Self;

Who you are, What you need and How to heal.


The Why’s, the What’s, the When’s and the How’s are

the questions that stimulate, awaken and arouse.


They are the gateways that create the opportunity to understand,

life’s every experience for your self; first hand.


Every question you ask becomes a request from your Soul,

to acknowledge your self; to unveil your role.


Who I Am is Who I Choose to Be.

I Am Responsible for all that I See.


We are here to become Who We Are;

the Student, the Teacher, the Master, the Star!

Laurie Helgeson