December 2016

We are energy, like it or not.

It is the sum of our being;

body, emotion and thought.


When we live open and

allow our energy to move,

we receive what Life has to offer

without a need to disapprove.


All energy seeks to be experienced,

expressed and let go.

Yet we create for our selves

patterns of resistance in the moments

we choose to say no.


No to our experience.

No to how we feel.

No to what the moment offers.

No to what is real.


It is resistance to our experience

that creates unhappiness,

suffering and dissent.


In resistance, we close the

heart and the mind, losing sight

of each moment’s true intent.


When we allow Life to disturb and disrupt us,

we are blocking the energy flow.

We are locking the energy into body,

emotion and thought; leaving it nowhere to go.


These become our habitual patterns,

the ways in which we react;

recreating for our selves over and

over again, the energy we have trapped.


To free our selves we must

open our hearts, to let in what

the heart contains; the joys,

the sorrows, the judgments, the fears,

the pleasures and the pains.


We are energy and we are here to experience;

to know, to understand and to feel.

This is our purpose, our reason for being.

This is how we become the Ideal!

Laurie Helgeson