August 2016


One afternoon as I sat with a brilliant, life affirming physician,

she stated that she was going to give up her practice, as it had just become too hard.

When I asked her what had become too hard, she was startled, as she realized

that she did not even know what it was that was too hard.


She had never asked the Question!


Your thoughts come quickly and disappear just as fast.

You have no recognition of what they forecast.

They affect your mind, your body and your spirit.

They lead without knowing and you feel this and fear it.


You walk blindly along, without presence of mind,

to know where you are going or what you will find.

You can only know the past, when you are lead unaware;

when your thoughts are unconscious, you are not there.


Come into the Now and be willing to Know.  Ask your self questions and you will indeed grow!

Be sure to answer each question that you do ask, or you will create a monumental task.

A question unanswered becomes doubt and fear.  So  answer each question and all becomes clear.


Ask each question with the intent to understand and you will determine your destiny first hand.

Laurie Helgeson