April 2017

The Art of Inner Work – April 2017

… Gratitude …

Through gratitude we enrich our lives by

acknowledging the goodness, no matter the prize.


Gratitude is the doorway to the possibilities in life;

an appreciation in the present moment without discontent or strife.


To receive each moment in its wholeness and meaning,

we deepen our experiences and evolve our Being.


In gratitude, we embrace life and the gifts that it bears;

enhancing our capacity to live conscious and aware.


No matter what is happening around us, it is gratitude that sets us free.

It shifts and transforms our perceptions and it changes the world we see.


From the mundane to the extra ordinary, from the unpleasant to the miraculous dream;

to live a life in gratitude is indeed a life supreme.


Gratitude is the gift we share with the world as it makes all things divine.

The more grateful we are, the more blessed we become; the more perfectly we embody our design.


A divine design to see clearly what is and to embrace all that we see;

appreciative and thankful for each breath that we take, so grateful to simply Be.


Laurie Helgeson