October 2017

The Art of Inner Work      

When we listen, we engage ourselves in the moment and what it provides. 

We open our Being to receptivity and acceptance.  We allow the moment to take us inside.

Listening asks that we let go of what we think we know.

To surrender ourselves in thoughtful attention;

to evolve, to understand and to grow.

We attend to life when we are willing to hear all that comes our way. 

The pleasant, the painful, the desired, the fearful; the realities of day to day.

Each moment offers the opportunity to receive what the Soul has set in place. 

We absorb these offerings when we listen and take heed.  They offer blessings and a state of grace.

Ask your self why you struggle to listen. What is it you refuse to hear?

When you acknowledge your truth and you choose to embrace it, you will have overcome your fear.

Listening involves your entire Being; your body, your mind and your spirit.

Give it your all in every moment and you will never again fear it.



Laurie Helgeson