May 2017

The Art of Inner Work  

       To close or not to close, this becomes the question,

when we begin to live in awareness and conscious self-expression. 


To awaken within us our genuine heart, we must experience every feeling to playfully our part.

Yet we have denied ourselves these opportunities for connection,

through habits of mind built for safety and protection. 


How can we know the truth of a situation, when we have been unwilling to experience fully its sensation.

Our emotions relate to us how we are embracing our Being;  reflecting back to us our experience;

what we are sensing and what we are seeing. 


When we resist how we feel and what we know, we lose sight of our selves and our place in the flow. 

To choose to stay open is the key to living awake and aware; the way to transform, to nurture and prepare. 


We are living these lives to experience fully who we are; the failure, the victor, the disappointment, the star.


Open up and welcome home all the parts that you have left behind.

You will become who you came here to be; the One you came here to find. 


Laurie Helgeson