July 2017

The Art of Inner Work      

The mind is a mystery filled with promise and deceit. 

It is how we choose to use the mind that creates our victory or our defeat.


When the mind becomes our sole source of seeing & knowing,

we lose touch with what is real and true; we lose touch with expanding and growing.


The mind is a valuable tool, an instrument that classifies & labels. 

Yet when it is used without presence and awareness, it becomes an instrument that restricts and disables.


An unaware mind deactivates the capacity to experience with presence and awareness. 

As unconscious perceptions filter information received, there is loss of true insight and essence.


To find true meaning in each experience that life does perpetually offer,

requires that we manage the mind in all the ways it falters.


Presence is what is necessary to bring the mind into the moment. 

It allows the mind to amend and adjust; it allows for the mind's atonement


The mind becomes a willing partner when it is guided with clarity of intention. 

Open and receptive to insight and intuition, it aligns with divine intervention.


There is no mystery for the mind or the soul when we are willing to see and to know. 

Invite the mind to participate with presence and you will most assuredly thrive and grow.

Laurie Helgeson