December - 2018

Time is n.o.w.  

Time in unawareness is a point that separates and divides.  It creates illusion and deception as it obscures and misguides.

In unawareness time limits our experience to what the present moment creates, as we lose our selves to our habit of mind; to our unconscious, unaware state.

The choice to hold time in presence and awareness, creates an opportunity to experience reality and a thereness.

A thereness that only the moment can present; the opportunity to experience life's true meaning and intent.

Time is an illusion when it is perceived as something real; rather than a doorway that leads to what you know and what you feel.

Allow time to be your passageway, not your master or your lord.  To understand time is to see clearly what it is you move toward.

Time in awareness can bridge the here and the there; creating the authentic knowing that life is answering your every prayer.

You always have time, more than you know; to experience and to recognize every blessing life does bestow. 

Laurie Helgeson