September 2018

Doubt is a word that most people fear.

It consumes our consciousness and it makes us unclear.

In doubt we are undecided about what we know.

We are lost in our illusions from a time long ago.

When we doubt, we lose touch with our connection to truth; no longer present to the knowing that we possessed in our youth.

There was a time for each one of us, when we knew precisely who we were.  Knowing and trusting, with no need to confer.

To ask another what it is that you seek to know, creates confusion and misunderstanding. It is a disruption in the flow.

The passage through doubt is a simple one indeed.

You must simply ask and answer the question, so you can know what to heed.

You are never without knowing, except when you choose to not listen, to the small inner voice that carries truth through intuition.

Knowing is ever present, possessing clarity and understanding.

It is the tool that we must use to live a life authentic and commanding.

When you doubt, it is a message that comes from within; a need to clarify for the mind what is truth and what is sin.

A sin is an offense that we create on our own, when we choose to pretend that we are lost in the unknown.

Embrace your doubt, as it is innately your own.

Ask and answer its every question and you will know your way home.

Laurie Helgeson