November - 2018

Disappointment is an emotion devoid of presence and of hope; a lack of faith in one's own power to persevere and to cope.

To cope with life's every experience, no matter the outcome or effect; for each moment life presents has purpose, especially those we don't expect.

When we expect life to hand us exactly what we think we need, we have forgotten what we must rely on in order to succeed.

We are here to experience, to remember and to know. In order to fulfill this endeavor, we must accept what life does bestow.

When we walk our paths in hope, faith and trust, we can know that we are prepared to do everything we must.

Everything to become all that we are meant to be; creative, untethered, masterful and free.

If in a future moment, you find disappointment to be your state, remember that this is just an illusion.  You determine your fate.

When you are the one who embraces all that life presents, you become the benefactor of every experience and every event.

Life is for you!  It's purpose is your Soul's goal.

Each moment is meant to bring you home; to once again be made whole.

Laurie Helgeson